Chemical Engineering

Faculty Profile

Engr. Dr. Muhammad Awais Ashraf

Assistant Professor

PEC Number: Chem/ 7448

Ph.D Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, IE&FR Faisalabad.

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, IE&FR Faisalabad.

Experience(Years): 12

Environmental Engineering



1. DiaNanofiltration-based process for effective separation of Li+ from the high Mg2+/Li+ ratio aqueous solution

Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Xingchun Li, Junfeng Wang, ShiweiGuo, Bao-HuaXu

Separation and Purification Technology,247 (2020), 116965.DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2020.116965

2 .Enhancement in Li+/Mg2+ separation from salt lake brine with PDA–PEI composite nanofiltration membrane

Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Junfeng Wang, Baichun Wu, Penglei Cui, BaohuaXu, Xingchun Li

Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 137 (2020), 49549.DOI: 10.1002/app.49549

3. Extraction mechanism of lithium from the alkali solution with diketonate-based ionic liquid extractants.

Junfeng Wang, Shicheng Yang, Xiaofei Zhang, Yilin Wang, Daoguang Wang, Weichao Li,

Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Ah-HyungAlissa Park, Xingchun Li

Energy & Fuels, American Chemical Society, 34 (2020) 11581-11589.DOI:10.1021/acs.energyfuels.0c02346

4. Design of Industrial Gravity Type Separators for the Hydrocarbons and Heavy Oil-Water Separations

Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Umar Shafiq, Ahmad Mukhtar and MudassirMehmoodSaeed

Research Journal of Chemical Sciences, 2231(2015), ISSN 2231-606X,

5. Regeneration of Anionic Exchange Resin After Chromate Removal

Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Waqar Ali Khan, Muhammad Zia ulHaq, Shah Muhammad, KhurramShahzad, JavaidRabbani Khan

Journal of the Pakistan institute of chemical engineers,42 (2014), 119-124.

6. Production of ethanoic acid by oxidation of ethanol

Hafiz Muhammad Adnan. Muhammad ZainFeroz, Ali Feroz Khan, Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Muhammad UmerQadeer

International Journal of Chemical Studies,4(1), 2016, ISSN2349–8528

7. Solar Water Heating System for Domestic use.

SR Malik, M Awais Ashraf, AqsamNaveed, Sana Yaqub

NFC IEFR Journal of Engineering and Scientific Research, 2 (2017), ISSN 2222-1247

8. Kinetic Law Parameters Study of Saponification Reaction using Integral Method

M Zia-ul-Haq, SuneelaSardar, ShahzadZafar, M Awais Ashraf

NFC IEFR Journal of Engineering and Scientific Research, 2, (2017),ISSN 2222-1247


9. Modification of commercial NF membrane with PDA and PEI to enhance Li+ /Mg2+ separation.

10th China Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes (CCOM2019), Beijing, China.

Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Junfeng Wang, Zhang Suojiang

10. The interface behavior of Li+ in the IL-contained liquid-liquid extraction system: MD study

The 8th International Congress on Ionic Liquids (COIL-8), 2019 May 13-17, 2019, Beijing, China

RuibingBai,a,b,MuhammadAwais Ashraf,a Junfeng Wang,a,*SuojiangZhang,a

11. Structure Effect of Ionic Liquid to Enhance TBP Extraction for Effective Separation of Lithium and Magnesium

The 36th International Conference on solution chemistry (36 ICSC), Xining, China    

RuibingBaia,b, Muhammad Awais Ashrafa, Junfeng Wanga*, SuojiangZhanga