Chemical Engineering

Faculty Profile

Engr. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf

In-Charge IEFR / General Manager

PEC Number: Chem/ 1457

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Experience(Years): 32


1. Hydrothermally Synthesized Cobalt Oxide Nanowires on Nickel Foam for High Performance Energy Storage Applications, Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 167 (2020),DOI: 10.1149/1945-7111/ab971f.

2. Removal  of Heavy Metals  from Wastewater of Textile Industry Using Polymeric Nano Adsorbent, NFC, IEFR, Journal of Engineering & Scientific Research, 2020, DOI: 10.24081/nijesr.2019.1.0003.

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4. Effect of fabric modification and clay loading on mechanical properties of reinforced composites, Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE), 47 (2019).

5. Removal of Chromium(VI) from Waste Water Through Ion Exchange Technique; Kinetics &Scaleup Studies, Environment Protection Engineering.(es),45 (2019), DOI:10.5277/epe 190102.

6. Tackling of problematic soil and brackish water in Pakistan and improvement in the efficiency of urea and CAN fertilizer, NFC, IEFR, Journal of Engineering & Scientific Research, 2 (2017). 

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9. Imparting Water Repellency To Leather Through An Organo Metallic Chromium Complex, NFC, IEFR, Journal of Engineering & Scientific Research (Accepted).

10. Performance Enhancement of Industrial Fire Tube Boiler, NFC, IEFR, Journal of Engineering & Scientific Research (Accepted).