Director's Welcome Message

IE&FR has always believed that only education can accelerate the pace of national development and reconstruction, resulting in a shift from conventional education to the concept of human capital formation. Envisioned with a mission of providing international standards of education and qualities to meet national requirements, IE&FR is promoting technological knowledge in the fields of engineering, sciences, technology and business administration. We strongly endorse academic excellence but also believe that a key role of our Institute is to prepare our youth for entering into the skilled workforce. Keeping in mind, we have to built and continue to strength our links with community, industry and business to develop the best outcomes for our students. Our strong links with industry and the professions also allow our students to benefit from valuable and profitable work placements. The advanced hands-on training embedded in our course modules not only underpins learning but also gives a tangible advantage in the employment market to our product.
The Institute aims to produce well-rounded professionals capable of thinking logically, plan independently, design creatively and operate objectively. This development is possible only through a supportive and positive learning environment that encourages academic excellence, freedom of discussion, personal growth, moral integrity and an understanding of latest issues of technologies.
Apart from stringent academic standards, the institute provides co-curricular dimensions to the students through various societies, social programs and cultural events, abiding with its strict nonpolitical and religious harmony policy. Various technical, social and sect-neutral religious lectures are delivered to make our students to withstand the pressures of ever-evolving world and craft a better understanding of the Creator and the created. Those who wish to join IE&FR can be assured of “revelation” to a culture that provokes rational approaches, stimulates creativity and encourage self-confidence with inspiration.
Your stay at Institute will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life, a unique opportunity to study core technologies in depth that really interest you, to acquire knowledge and skills which are highly valued by employers and to make new and lasting friendships. I further ensure you that our dedicated and talented teaching faculty will give you a warm academic welcome. I hope you will find this Prospectus an informative and helpful guide to programs and student services.
Best of luck for your application and distant future.

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf

Director / Incharge

NFC Institute of Engineering and
Fertilizer Research,Faisalabad