School Of Computing Sciences

Departement Overview

Computers and computing play a significant role in our lives. In all technical and scientific disciplines, computing is transforming the process of research, development, and discovery. With more people having access to information technology, computing's social influence is growing. At the same time, the foundations of computers are also evolving quickly. The computing landscape is changing as a result of new technologies like multicore processors, mobile computing, and cloud computing, and as computer science becomes more interdisciplinary, new problems are emerging. Companies in a variety of industries are looking for computer scientists with cutting-edge expertise. A strong computer science department is  essential to NFC-IEFR's mission to be a valuable institute that prepares students to contribute to the advancement of society.

The Department of Computer Science was established as a separate department in 2006. It took off by offering B.Sc. (Computer Science) program in 2006. In 2022, the department started B.S Information Technology (4-years) program. In 2023, the department started B.S Artificial Intelligence, B.S Cyber Security & B.S Data Science (4-years) programs. These bachelor's Programs at NFC-IEFR are distinguished from similar degree courses offered in our close vicinity. Our programs are having a more diverse coverage of all related subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Communication and Networking, Information Systems, Software Development, and Web Technologies, with a tinge of management courses. This has been carefully conceived to make our students more up-to-date with market trends.

Programs Being Offered