Rules & Regulations

  Students Discipline

The students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, and to acquire that nature and responsible outlook about life which is expected of them when they graduate into their professional careers. In this regard they are required to abide by a code of honor and rules of discipline, except from which are reproduced below. Any violation of the rules of discipline can render a student liable to punishment ranging from exclusion from a class or a fine to rustication or expulsion from the Institute.

  Code of Ethics

  1. He must be loyal, faithful in his religious duties and respect the conviction of others in matters of religion and custom.
  2. He must be loyal to his country and refrain from doing anything which might lower its honor and prestige.
  3. He must be truthful and honest in dealings with all people.
  4. He must respect the elder and be polite to all especially women, children, old people, the weak and helpless.
  5. He must respect his teachers and others in authority in the Institute.
  6. He must keep clean in body and mind, standing for clean speech, sport and habits
  7. He must help his fellow beings especially those in distress.
  8. He must devote himself faithfully to his studies.
  9. He must observe thrift and protect property.


Smoking in the premises of the Institute including class room, laboratory, workshop, library, examination hall, convocation hall and during studio work or academic functions is not allowed. A fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged.

  Functions/ Parties

Students are not allowed to organize or take part in any function within the Institute Campus or in a hall of residence, organize any club or society of students except in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations.

  Collection of Money

Collection of money from students or receiving donations or pecuniary assistance for or on behalf of the Institute from any organization is not allowed except with the written permission of the Director

  Student’s Activities

Students are not allowed to stage, incite or participate in any walkout, strike or other form of agitation against the Institute or its teachers and officers.

  Check & Balance

Every member of the teaching staff shall have the powers to check disorderly or improper conduct or any breach of the rules by students occurring in any part of the precincts of the Institute. Should such misconduct occur in room when the student is under the charge of demonstrator, he later shall report the matter without delay to the Head of the Department.


All students will put off the lights of their rooms by 0100 hours daily, failing which student will be penalized Rs.100 per omission. No male student will be allowed to go out/remain out after 2330 hours. In case of emergency, he will enter his name, reason to leave, entrance & exit timing, expected time of return along with signatures in the register placed at the gate office. No student is allowed to keep any day scholar in his room beyond 2100 hours, failing which his hostel allotment will be cancelled. If a day scholar is found within hostel between 2100 hours to 0600 hours, following action will be taken against them:- Day scholar will be fined Rs.500/- Allotment of hostel resident will be cancelled.

  Attendance in Classes

If a student does not attend classes for 6 (six) days continuously while staying in the hostel, his room allotment will be cancelled. Final year students will vacate hostel room with in three days after their last paper / viva examination.


If hostel dues are not paid by 10th January of the each year a fine @ Rs.50 per day shall be charged till 30th January after which his allotment shall be cancelled. The students will deposit their dues well in time to avoid any inconvenience. In case of cancellation of allotment a sum of Rs.1000/- will be charged as re-allotment fee. Amount of security will be remitted to the hosteloid student through cheque at his home/service address after the deposit of clearance certificates in Accounts department.

  Female Residents

Girls students will have to enter their names in the register placed at the gate when ever going out. They are not allowed to remain out or go out after sunset. Girls would only be allowed to meet or go out with the persons as allowed by their parents / guardians in writing.