Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To acquire prominence at national and international level as a unique source of quality education and distinguished research, which stimulates all to excel in their respective endeavors to emerge as winners.

Our Mission

NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research is committed to uplift the quality of engineering/technical education in all the departments to fulfill the requirements and satisfaction of its students, their potential employers and other stakeholders. This goal will be achieved by continuous monitoring and assessments with a provision of training, guidance and resource management. In this way, we will ensure to maintain a sustainable quality of education in the institute that will significantly contribute in the excellence of technical education and prosperity in Pakistan.

Our Objectives

  1. To develop, implement and monitor the quality standards and moves in the institute.
  2. To meet the challenges of global compatibility to excel the education standards.
  3. To develop a viable and sustainable mechanism of quality assurance in the education sector of the country.
  4. To produce the manpower that could serve the society in an efficient, effective and honest manner.