Dues & Fee Structure

Fee Structure Fee Structure

Industrial Tour & Annual Function

Industrial Tours and Annual Functions will be organized by the respective department and students. Moreover, at the time of arrangements of industrial tours and annual functions, the students shall contribute these charges, as per actual.

Dues Rebate/Concession

A rebate/ concession of 5% will be given on the payment of lump sum fee of the whole year.

Survey Camp Fee

The students of B.Sc. Civil Engineering / B.Sc. Civil Engineering Technology has to pay extra Rs.15,000/- during the study of 3rd Year for Survey Camp.

Payment of Dues

Payment of dues will be made on quarterly basis and will be payable up-to 10th of starting month of each quarter. A fine of Rs.50 per day will be charged after 10th of first month of that quarter till the last date of that month. After first month of the quarter, the name of the student will be struck off from the roll of the Institute and he will not be allowed to attend the classes. For the readmission, he will have to pay the Institute dues standing against him with (as per actual admission fee given in table) as readmission Fee.

Overseas Pakistani/Foreigner/Self Finance {Category H & I}

The Applicants seeking admission on category reserved for Overseas Pakistani/Foreigner or Self Finance (Category H& I) would have to pay additional Rs. 500,000/- for Civil & Mechanical Engineering Programs Rs.200,000/- for Computer Science, Chemical & Electrical Engineering Programs and Rs.150,000/- for BBA & Rs.75,000/- for Engineering Technology Program in installment as prescribed in Dues & Fee Structure Table.

Advance Tax under Section 236(I) Finance Act,2013 ITO, 2001:-

  • Please Note: Since 2013-2014, as per newly inserted section 236 (I) every educational institution is required to collect advance income tax at the rate of 5% on the amount of fee paid to an educational Institution. The person responsible for preparing monthly, bimonthly or quarterly fee voucher or challan shall also charge withholding tax in case the fee exceeds Rs. 200,000/- (Rupees Two hundred thousand.) annually.
  • The term fee includes tuition fee & all charges received by the educational institution, by whatever name called, excluding the amount which is refundable. The withholding agent for the purpose of this section i.e. educational institution shall also provided details in the withholding statement to be filed under section 165 to the income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Refund of Dues

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has circulated the following revised National fee-Refund Policy vide letter No. 10-1/HEC/A&C/2015/6542 dated December 07, 2015.

%age of Fee* Timeline** for semester/Trimester System
Full (100%) Fee Refund Upto 7th day of commencement of classes
Half (50%) Fee Refund From 8th – 15th day of commencement of classes
No Fee (0%) Refund From 16th day of commencement of classes


* %age of Fee shall be applicable on all components of fee except for security and admission charges.

** Timeline shall be calculated continuously covering both weekdays and weekend.

*** The applicant who got admission on Preference Based Merit. As they have got admission on priority as per their request, therefore no refund will be made except securities.