Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan , Federal Secretary


To cater for the sustainable professional and technical education training in the country, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training was established to provide a creative leadership in all walks of life. This Ministry is working for the development of education sector comprises of Higher Education, Technical Training & Education and Non-formal education in the country. Accordingly training institutes dealing with professional and technical training have been attached with this Ministry which helps the youth as well as professionals for research in their area of work, career planning and regulation. It is the dire need of the country to produce sound and professionally trained youth. The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training is working to develop occupational skills, standards and initiates programmes to regulate these standards, planning, coordinating and directing efforts to provide quality professionals and skilled workforce through dynamic and standardized trainings.
The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has aligned all its programs to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goals by yearly increase in the budget of HEC, announcement of first ever National Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NTVET) Policy 2018, revival of Inter Provincial Education Ministerial Conference (IPEMC), enactment of compulsory teaching of Holy Quran Act 2017, approval of minimum National Standards in Education and to bridge the gap in the society, and opening of community schools and literacy centers in various districts of the country are few of the examples of achievements of this Ministry.
As we know that illiteracy, poverty and scarcity of resources do hamper the pace of development but that can be controlled with better planning, awareness campaign and optimal use of available resources. The Ministry is striving hard to show case the hard work of trained manpower and transfer the economy from developing to develop one by competing at the international level. The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training is committed and will continue its endeavour to create conducive environment for teaching-learning processes and to promote affordable quality education, in all academic disciplines to ensure holistic growth and sustainable socio-economic development of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
I would welcome any suggestion / recommendations or feedback for improvements.

Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan
Federal Secretary