BS Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the attempt to build artificial systems that have intelligent behavior. There are two main directions of research. One is to understand natural intelligence through the use of computer models. The other provides techniques and technology for building systems capable of intelligent decisions and actions. Therefore, AI is both a science and an engineering discipline.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan is vast and has the potential to revolutionize many industries in the country. Artificial Intelligence can help automate many processes and tasks, making them more efficient and reducing the need for human labor. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence can also help improve decision-making processes by providing accurate and up-to- date data. Several different businesses and organizations are beginning to explore its potential. Pakistan has made great strides in the field of artificial intelligence. Many Pakistani startups are now working on developing AI-based solutions and products. And there is a growing demand for AI experts in the country.

The BS (AI) program gives the students the in-depth knowledge they need to transform large and complex scenarios into actionable decisions. The program and its curriculum focus on how complex inputs — such as knowledge, vision, language, and huge databases — can be used to make decisions to enhance human capabilities. The curriculum of the BS (AI) program includes coursework in computing, mathematics, automated reasoning, statistics, computational modeling, introduction to classical artificial intelligence languages and case studies, knowledge representation and reasoning, artificial neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, vision, and symbolic computation. The program also encourages students to take courses in ethics and social responsibility, with the opportunity to participate in long-term projects in which artificial intelligence can be applied to solve problems that can change the world for the better — in areas like agriculture, defense, healthcare, governance, transportation, e-commerce, finance, and education.

Students who complete the Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) program will have the knowledge and abilities needed to create software solutions that take advantage of the most recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI). The BS AI program allows students to gain practical experience by creating AI-driven software solutions with the aid of cutting-edge research labs and expert faculty supervision. We develop leaders in our students who take on difficulties, work through tough issues, meet professional standards, and foster interdisciplinary research.

  Eligibility Criteria

An applicant for admission to the BS Artificial Intelligence bachelor’s degree course must fulfill the following requirement

a) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) with Pre-Engineering / ICS / DAE /A-Levels or equivalent (with Mathematics) having 50% marks.

b) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) with Pre-Medical having 50% marks. (They must pass deficiency Mathematics courses of 06 credit hours in the first two semesters.