Electrical Engineering

Departement Overview

   Electrical and Electronics is the nucleus of every contemporary and modern day technology. Holding an extensive and widespread history commencing from an ordinary light bulb, thermionic valves, POTs ( Plain Old Telephone Systems) towards today’s satellite transmitted Television, transcontinental Computer Networks, Wireless and optical avant-garde communication, emergence of novel ideas in fixed and mobile communications offering never-used-before services to the users, an extremely new epoch of multimedia services from HDTV (High Definition Television), IPTV ( Internet Protocol TV) , VoD ( Video On Demand), video conferencing etc, effective Power Generation, Transmission and Utilization, Medicine, Robotics, Design of highly integrated VLSI circuits …. and the list shows no bounds…

      The Electrical Engineering profession addresses the use of science, technology, problem solving skills, inventiveness and resourcefulness of an engineer to design, construct, maintain and operate different new fangled electrical, electronics and computer based systems. This is an exceedingly electrifying and exhilarating field for enterprisers and inventors who are geared up to develop diversified goals and divergent methodologies. Electrical Engineering being the instigator of all the engineering disciplines demands a multidisciplinary approach and a knack to communicate the ideas and incorporation of the knowledge from other disciplines to take in hand the tight spots of today and challenges of impending future.

     This promptly and speedily evolving field of electrical/electronic has an unremitting and ceaseless need of engineering professionals even more than ever needed to fuel the passion for escalation. What it demands from the engineers that they equip themselves dynamically to embrace the exigent growth in this field and to be able to contribute in its augmentation and intensification.