Computer Sciences

Departement Overview

     The Department of Computer Science is one of the most prominent and diversified centers of computer education in Faisalabad city and was established as a separate department in 2006. It took off by offering B.Sc. Computer Science program in 2006. The primary goal is to provide the students with a wide range and in depth knowledge of different computing systems, and to make them true professionals in this modern era. We educate the students about the modern technologies like Telecommunication Systems and Network, Databases, Software Engineering Techniques by providing hands on experience to the students through the implementation of software for different practical scenarios.

   The department provides excellent computing facilities and ensures that the practical knowledge of the students is enhanced by providing them an environment that is conducive to learning. The computer science department provides a comprehensive range of facilities necessary for computer use and a library of programs and packages for solving scientific, engineering, commercial and social problems.

    The bachelor program at NFC IE&FR is distinguished from similar degree courses offered in our close vicinity in being less focused towards one particular discipline and having a more diverse coverage of all related subjects like computer communication and networking, information systems, software development and web technologies, with a tinge of management courses. This has been carefully conceived in order to make our students more up-to-date with the market trends. Computer Science is the systematic study of computing systems and computation. It entails the theoretical study of computation and algorithmic reasoning. The body of knowledge resulting from this discipline contains theories for understanding computing systems and method; design methodology, algorithms, and tools; methods for the testing of concept; methods of analysis verification; knowledge, representation and implementation. It engrosses the study of the theoretical foundations of information, computation and their implementation & application in computer system. Computer science has many sub-fields; like networks and communication, databases, software engineering, web development, artificial intelligence etc. There has been much cross- fertilization of ideas between the various computer-related discipline proving it to be a diversified and wide range field. With the advent of the World Wide Web, the field of computer has extended its locale from Software development to many other diversified domains. Some identified fields for computer science are: mathematical logic, network designing ,graph theory, type theory, cryptography, computational theory analysis of algorithms, data structures, programming languages, data mining, distributed and parallel computing, computer architecture, software engineering, artificial intelligence, image processing, human computer interaction, bio information and many more.